Really Successful Limited Scam or Legit

Really Successful Limited Scam

There are a myriad of courses out there for those looking to find success in the e-commerce market. Barry Plaskow, the founder of Really Successful Limited, has stocked his courses with trainers who teach the methods they use to be successful in Dropshipping, Affiliate marketing, sales funnels, and e-courses with little to no investment. This review focuses on whether Really Successful Limited and its founder Barry Plaskow is legit or just a big scam.

Is Barry Plaskow a Scam Artist?

Twelve years ago, Barry was on the verge of losing his house after investing a lot of money into what turned out to be a massive scam. It was at that point he decided that he needed to forge a path for himself before losing everything. After two years of trial and error of many online business strategies, Barry found success by developing ‘Really Successful’ a business platform to host successful e-commerce businesses.

Really Successful Limited provides the foundation and a comprehensive support system for clients to open an online business and storefront to generate profit via expert e-commerce marketing. By bringing in a respectable rate of success to his clients It was clear off the bat that his business model works.

In his efforts to optimize his method, Barry combed through his client’s business strategies and found that a huge number of resources were being tied up in sponsored ads on a vast array of platforms and social media platforms. In an addition, a serious amount of value was being wasted by searching for products and dealing with quality controls. His fresh new model was to take over the grunt work so his clients can focus on closing transactions and sales.

By doing so, 85% of Barry’s clients are now making sales within their first month of joining as a member. Furthermore, the profit margin of members who applied the system with concentration rose to 15% within a few months. Which statistically speaking is a bar that very few can each in the e-commerce industry.

Through his two companies of Really Successful Limited and Umbrella Micro Enterprise, Barry has pushed countless of his clients to make eight-figure profits. He also has helped thousands of students with no prior experience make sales their first sales online within record time.

Is a Really Successful Limited a Scam?

Math does not lie. With 85% of members reporting a profit within a month of sales it’s a hard nut to crack with a claim that Really Successful Limited and its founder is one big scam. Also, those numbers cannot be claimed justifiably in a time where social media and online reviews set the line of legitimacy and fraud.

Really Successful Limited Review

I can attest to the legitimacy of Really Successful Limited by providing a review of the Ebus (eBay Underground Sales System) course I have taken. I found out quickly that it is a bad move to make sales in Amazon due to such things as saturation, rigid parameters and Amazon can make products restricted and unsellable at any time.

Although eBay is flush with sellers, Ebus showed me how to take advantage of an opening where my products could be sold easy, without major investment, and without falling victim to competitors. It teaches everyone, regardless of experience on how to use eBay’s sales system according to their needs. This program explains everything in detail so that everyone can implement it.

Really Successful Limited Scam

Starting off on the right foot

eBus makes it simple to use eBay’s entire sales system to sell your products, which might otherwise be unattainable. Some people have difficulty figuring out how to navigate the eBay registration process. If you are one of them, using eBus makes it easier for you to join eBay to sell your merchandise. The trainers showed their members to complete this process effectively by guiding them through each step meticulously.

Innovative Tools

The services and tools offered on Ebus are one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge, allowing you to enhance your online presence. Every tool has been designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of each user.

Veteran Coaches

Barry has enlisted the help of a team of highly sought-after business influencers and skilled instructors in the industry. Based on a wide breadth of experience, they provide eBus members with invaluable information that can generate see profit fast if adapted correctly.

Pressure Off Advertising

Ebus shows you how to save a significant amount of money by not having to do many things yourself, such as advertising your products.  With the ease of pressure of the advertising part of business lifted, it makes it much easier to focus on the primary goal of making money.

Sustainable Results

Even though you select the best goods and put in the requisite effort to sell them, you may not be able to sustain the results. It may be as a result of not using the correct techniques. In this scenario, eBus will assist you in increasing traffic to your website by selecting items other than those you initially chose to achieve balanced results.


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